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OLY Lifting

Benefits of Olympic Lifting:
  • Ground Based – Create force by driving against ground
  • Time Efficient – 1 exercise works multiple muscle groups.
  • Full Body Development
  • Develops Kinesthetic awareness
  • Increases Muscle Fiber Diameter (Hypertrophy)
  • Increases Neural adaptations: (Greatest Benefit of Weightlifting)
  • Improved Intramuscular Coordination
  • Efficient way to train the core in healthy populations
Olympic Lifting clinics are held every Thursday from 5-6pm and Saturdays at 10am.  They are coached by Edgar and Evelyn Hernandez from E2OlyFit.
One Session Per Week:  $75/mo. Clients   $100/mo. Non-clients
Two Sessions Per Week:  $100/mo. Clients    $125/mo. Non-clients
Coach Edgar Hernandez:

Edgar has coached athletes at National Olympic Lifting competitions and is a CrossFit Certified coach.  He and his family have embraced a lifestyle of Olympic-style lifting, coaching and mentoring over the course of the last fourteen years.   Edgar is one of Mike Burgener’s Oly coaches and has been training with Coach “B” since the start of his career as a competitive lifter.  He is living proof that CrossFit works.  His active participation in CrossFit workouts while following a paleo-inspired program has helped him lose 190 lbs!  Edgar has dedicated himself to teaching Olympic-style lifts and technique to maximize athletic performance.  He has a deep-seated passion for coaching and increasing his athletes’ overall health, strength and fitness.


Coach Evelyn Hernandez:

Evelyn is a CrossFit Certified Coach and USAW Club Certified Coach.  She trained under Coach Mike Burgener for over 10 years.  Evelyn specializes in Olympic-style weightlifting and has competed at a National level since 2008.  She is passionate about coaching and helping athletes realize their goals.  Evelyn’s knowledge of technical lifting, patience, methodical approach and keen eye for improving form, have made her a highly regarded coach.