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If you are looking for extra help with nutrition; we can help!  We will create a nutritional plan customized to your activity level and goals.  Using the Precision Nutrition methods, we will build a plan with specific macro nutrients tailored to your needs.  We monitor your progress by recording your weight and measurements; making modifications as needed to your nutritional plan.
Precision Nutrition:  4 weeks $120   8 weeks  $240    12 weeks   $360
The following are some resources for guidance with the Paleo Diet as well as links to specific nutritional information.

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo
Paleo Diet http://paleodiet.com

Eat Wild – eatwild.com

Intermittent Fasting  http://Eatstopeat.com

The Offical Web site of Drs.Michael and Mary Dan Eades http://Proteinpower.com

The Zone Diet   http://zonediet.com

Weston Price http://westonprice.com