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Success Stories

Nick A.

I’ve been at Crossfit Chula Vista for over a year now. I can’t say how grateful I am for this establishment. I am stronger and healthier that I have ever been. I remember when I walked in the door for the first time; I told Rick that I wasn’t really into the lifting aspect of the program because I have a congenital back problem. He told me that if I stuck around, he would straighten me out. Needless to say, I wasn’t really convinced. I have always had pain and was told by my doctors that I would need surgery in order to feel better. Worse yet, the potential side effects scared the hell out of me.

After 14 months and I can tell you that I haven’t had pain for some time now. I can’t even remember the last time it hurt. It may be fatigued from exercising once in a while, but that is much different than crippling shooting pains, which was a regular part of my life.

I started Olympic lifting there when Edgar and Evelyn from E2OlyFit started teaching twice a week. I can’t believe that I can actually do it and enjoy it. For me, it sort of like someone being petrified of water now being on the swim team. Edgar and Evelyn are awesome coaches who are experts in their field. All my misconceptions about moving heavy weight with my back have been obliterated. I even lifted in a competition which is something that I never thought I would say. The best part about it is my daughter (who is 9 years old and weighs 90 lbs) climbs on me like a jungle gym and I have no issues launching her in the air. Priceless!

The coaches are very knowledgeable and personable. I cannot express my gratitude for their constant encouragement. Melissa will give you a shot of self-esteem that will boost you no matter how tired and exhausted you are. This is not like a traditional gym with a lot of fancy equipment with people standing in lines looking at each other. It’s a place to be trained to be the best version of yourself you can be. It mandates coaches who are trained and actually care about your success.

There are a lot of resources available. They offer nutritional counseling and even organized grass-fed beef orders for those who eat paleo. Rick outsources the best coaches to come and teach clinics. There are periodic monthly challenges for a small entry fee and the winner who improves the most wins the pot. There is always something to keep you engaged and motivated.

You will definitely get out of it what you put into it. It’s as simple as leaving your excuses at home and showing up. I came to the conclusion that either I could be in the best shape of my life in the next year or the worst. I am grateful for Rick and his team.

Vance B.

I started CrossFit in May 2011. I am 48 years old and I wanted to start completely over to build my level of fitness.

My first week in on-ramp I couldn’t get through the warm up without being lightheaded and out of breath.

Having suffered a head injury/stroke in 2006 left me not being able to work out and as a result I lost any muscle mass I had and gained a significant amount of weight (fat).

I have been CrossFitting now for 15 weeks and I have lost 51 pounds and lost 6″ on my waist. I am still not able to complete all of the CrossFit movements, but they’re coming! I can feel it. I am getting stronger, and more fit with every WOD. My plan is to follow the direction of my great coaches – Rick, Sal, Melissa, Brit – they watch over me and keep me from hurting myself.

Thanks to CrossFit Chula Vista for their guidance & care. This is the best coaching I have ever had and it’s producing results that I could only dream of.

Thanks Rick.

Vance V.